UP Lighting

CCE Entertainment can provide a unique look and feel to your reception room with our decorative uplighting option.  We suggest some popular uplighting colors commonly seen at weddings or allow you to customize a color of your own choosing. We can ransform a banquet room with many options in decorative up lighting.  Whether you want to accent the decor or create an entirely new mood, CCE Entertainment  can work with you to create the perfect atmosphere using our state of the art LED lights.  If you are afraid using the same color as your wedding theme will be overpowering, you could try using a complementary color.  For example, if your color is blue, orange may be a good choice.  We allow you to choose the color and placement of the lights if you have a preference.  In many halls there are recommended places to set the lights or different arraignments for you to choose from.


Be sure to ask about including uplighting for your occasion